Many of us tend to consider that registering with a domain name is well enough to run a website. The main thing they do not understand is, a domain is as worthy as your own name, through which others will recognize your product. However to make the website running live on the Web, there is a need of Hosting service. If anyone is seeking to run a website without having a hosting service, registering with domain names only will never serve any purpose. So along with a Domain Service and a Hosting Service you can get your imagination running live on the internet. It will be incomplete to have one without the other. Our Domain and Hosting services will definitely make your website to be accessible to everyone on the internet.

Hosting is fundamentally the space which is present on the web servers for storing all the website related files. Whenever anyone buys a hosting service, they actually rent some server space on the server where all the website related files will be stored. Therefore whenever anyone will search for the website by entering the domain name, they will directly get into the website. You might perfectly design a website and make it fully functional, but unless and until you place it on the hosting server, it will never be retrieved by anyone from the web world.

Domain and Hosting