Content Marketing

For success in digital marketing treat you’re Content like a King. Content for any digital initiative should be visually addictive and naturally shareable. You can design it the way you want and shape it in the form of graphics, images, blogs, e-books, FAQs or videos. The ulterior motive should be designing and making relevant content that will be attractive and engaging for a defined audience so that it adds business value. For content marketing, it is imperative that we identify and work on Digital Properties of a company like a website, social media channel, and newsletter. These provide a platform that prompts the visitor to engage and reciprocate, thereby adding value to business, products, and services. Team Pumpkin is a content marketing agency of intellectual and creative writers who are adept at developing quality content keeping your business at the focal point for one or multiple digital mediums.


As we all evolve in the age of the internet, the need of our digital presence becomes vital. The need to search for anything begins with just one word, “content”. Brand across the world have been adding value to the reader’s life with content marketing.
In today’s world, social media has become more than a technological revolution, it connects to the sociology and psychology of each on one of us. It goes hand in hand with content marketing to play the key role to create brand awareness through several digital networks, emails, websites and to build an online community of the like-minded people for the brand. To meet such responsible expectations of brands, we at Team Pumpkin, the top content marketing agency in India, wear the capes of creativity to take our client’s brand to the next level. We perform rich storytelling activities across digital platforms and help increase their brand recognition. Clients completely rely on agencies like us to build a strong online presence, good reputation and to earn consistent user engagement.
To market the brand’s content digitally, there are some content landscapes that need to be considered according to each brand’s requirement.


Brands have their own specific marketing needs and requirements to attract their target audience. Accordingly, the content activities should be in the formats that convey their product or service features properly. Take a look at these content landscape categories:

Written Content

It includes blogs, news articles, white papers, reports, how-to guides, emailers and social media campaigns.

Multimedia Content

This landscape includes videos, GIFs, pictures, carousel ads, infographics, 360-degree posts and data visualizations.

Interactive Content

It includes the gamification formats such as puzzles, contests, quizzes, riddles and canvas posts.

Content marketing companies utilize these formats to build brands across digital platforms. But to put the content across the digital networks and make it trend, there is one important task we agency folks put our heart and brains into it, Content Strategy!

Content marketing strategy is the entire digital marketing plan you develop for the brand by keeping the content landscapes in mind. It is the most fundamental and key task to focus while making an entire content marketing plan. The rich content strategy helps the brands spread their awareness, reputation and make their identity stand out in the competitive industry.

While making a content strategy, there are few key things we often consider:

• Who is the brand and what is the motto of brand’s product/service?
• Keeping a problem-solving approach for the audience
• How will it be unique?
• What formats of content should be utilized
• Selecting the publication
• Scheduling of created content

Why does the Content Strategy need to be created?

Content marketing services help businesses prepare and plan an efficient roadmap of the brand’s digital uplifting and growth. It attracts online traffic to the website and generates more leads. For example, your single well written Quora answer can be edited with an embedded link to your e-book and by adding some free tool will continue generating leads for you.

The flexibility of our content strategy can tap some new marketing tactics and convert them into the revenue generation investment model. Social media advertising has a good reach to open up to some irregular areas of a target hit. Content Strategy not only generates leads but also educates the brand prospect and creates awareness.
Now, let’s look at some steps that need to be created to make a powerhouse content strategy!

Steps we take to create a Content Marketing Strategy

1. Defining the marketing goals

Developing end-to-end goals for each strategy help us make the right roadmap for the brand’s growth. It also makes us work even more dedicatedly to make the goals look achievable.

2. Reaching to the right target audience

Although this is the most fundamental and basic understanding while making a content strategy, it is fairly important to approach it with the right mindset. Based on this, every content creation matters. The target audience should be measured by the right age groups, area, gender and maturity level.

3. Brainstorming Content Ideas

To understand every new brand that comes on board, a brainstorming session with a bunch of our creative folks helps us a lot to scribble some out-of-the-box ideas. It opens up different approaches to look at the brand so that we pick and present the best idea of them all.

4. Determining the type of content that needs more focus

Every brand has a different way of storytelling for their product or service. By understanding their needs, we make strategy by picking the most suitable types of content formats.

5. Content Management System

Managing the execution of strategy for all the digital platforms is manic. But to overcome the hassle, we follow a systematic approach for managing all the implementation and execution of content strategy with a set of task management software that makes the process hassle-free.

Roll up your sleeves and get started!

We know it’s a lot to read, but the work has just begun. These steps can make an evergreen content strategy for any brand. Current trend knowledge, creativity, and discipline in the content marketing always create a win-win situation for both the agency and the client. The foundation of every big brand’s marketing success goes hand in hand with these steps. As Jeff Bezos believes; “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.” We at Team Pumpkin make your brand reach as many rooms as possible.